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There are some things I just don't want to put on facebook or my other blog. This is for those things. If you're interested, let me know.

You can chuck me in whatever you like. I read whatever you post anyway, and I'm not shocked by much. ;-)

I read everything your write, too.

I have also been wanting to ask a favor from you... I hear through the grapevine that you are something of a Grammar Nazi (that is you, no?). If this is something in which you take pride and have some skill, I would like to take advantage of you and invite you to critique any and all grammatical errors of mine at any time.

What do you think?

haha. If you really want me to :)

I'm 21 and allowed to drink any state I want.


yay. :)

I love that icon. :)

I want in and am also allowed to drink anywhere I want!

Yay. I might have to edit, and add drinking as a prerequisite. haha. :)

I love readiny your stuff, I'm 17 the month after next but I'm legal for most things in my country :P well, sex... bungee jumping... driving a tractor...

I decide what I offer to share with people, then I let them tell me if it makes them uncomfortable seeing it. Please treat me the same way. Decide what you feel comfortable sharing with me and if on the off chance it offends me, i'll let you know.

I want in all filters. I'm old enough :)

I figured as much.

Plus, sailors don't get offended by much, huh?

My eyes! My virgin eyes!!

(I'm over 17. Dur.)

Haha. I wouldn't think of not sharing with you.

I'm 21 and in Ohio.

That oughta give me super cred. :)

Yeah, it does. Superduper.

Especially since you're like 22 minutes from me. haha.

I want to read ALL of your posts. I am 22 and nothing shocks me or offends me.

Ok Ok. :) I should have done this a long time ago. haha.


cant really remember most of the time. and i think filters are for coffee and air conditioners.


I'm being serious. If I post something offensive, do you want to see it? Haha.

And WHEN is it that you're going to actually start making posts again, buddy?

Haha, I'm 21, so include me in everything. :D

< -- 29. Add me to the grownups filter.

i wish i only had 2 filters.

count me in on any of them!

Haha. I'll probably have more than that as time goes on, because I've posted a lot of things privately.

But I'll add you into any that I create, because I know you're not any kind of a threat, and I love reading you. :)

Hey, I added you back from the LJ Guy Friends. I am 25, so I can handle all the good grown up stuff. Even though I probably never will grow up myself, but that's beside the point, now isn't it?

Most Definitely. :)

I don't put an overwhelming number of entries under lock and key, however sometimes, I just have to.

Great timing. Waiting until I turn 18. How nice of you.
Right. So I turned 18 in July.
I don't even mind reading things I do find offensive. So toss 'em at me.

me, me, me! I want to see the good stuff too!

Haha. You're already in. I assumed you were of age. :)

i love your icon, sweet layout too

Just found you on brutal_honesty. Love your SayWhatYouMean style. Please include me in the filters. I promise that I'm waaaaaayyyy over 21. Thanks for some interesting reading.


OK. :) Did you find me through naeko?

Hey, where are you? I am missing you! Hope things are okay.

Bah. I'm here (miraculously) right now, but I'm dead tired. I can't wait until this week is over.

Show week is always hell.
But this has been like a crunch - month for me, with 4 craft shows and rehearsals for this play and making 28 costumes for a play set in Japan in an undefined (but definitely not recent) time.

I miss you too. :P

I should be on a hell of a lot after Saturday night. :) Yay.

Don't unfriend me! :|

I found you via an adding community. I like your honesty, so have added you. I don't believe in reciprocal friending but if you don't add me back i can't read you. Shove me in one of your filters & i'll be quite content.

I will get right on that!

You don't know all the drama-o-ramas that have happened in my journal. For a while, I had someone on my friends list who I knew in real life, but they didn't tell me it was them. After that, I just kind of started screening things.

Lately, I've gone back to being mostly public, though.

It's like a cycle - I feel safe, then I get creeped out and start locking up entries, then I forget and start feeling safe again.

Yo, add me to the filtered stuff.

Sorry I am like a month behind in my reading.

Re: Yo, add me to the filtered stuff.

Haha. You're already IN the filtered stuff, monkey. This is future dated like whoa, so no need to worry. you didn't miss much. :|

I'm 19 for a month or two more, but I dare you to find something that I find offensive!

thats right a formal dare! Add me =)


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