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There are some things I just don't want to put on facebook or my other blog. This is for those things. If you're interested, let me know.

*added you back*

Because I saw you had violentsmile on your friends list and I love her journal. :)

An alpha psi omega sister. Hmmm. Added out of sheer curiosity.

Hi! Do you know how to turn me into a community?

Haha. :)

Um, I will go and check. I used to know, b/c I used to be a support volunteer. Hold on while I check.

The referenced FAQ explains in detail how to convert your personal journal account to a community account.

If you have already created an account with the username you want to use for your community, you can convert the account. However, keep in mind that accounts that have been converted to communities cannot be converted back to personal journals. If the account has any entries, they will need to be deleted. While logged in as your personal account, proceed to the conversion page ( and enter the username and password for the account you would like to convert. The account that you are logged into when you do this will become the maintainer account. The rest of the page can be used to define various settings for the new community.

While you are logged in as the maintainer, you can manage your community at the Community Management page ( Additionally, many LiveJournal pages have a "Work as user" drop-down menu, which will allow you to modify the community's information and settings rather than your own.

ummm can you add me to the filterthingy im 19...i wanna read your journal =P

Okie Dokie.

Where have you been? I thought you quit LJ.

I would like to flow thru the crack:) I can't think of a thing that would offend me. You can try if you would like that might be fun!

I also want to get on the free iPod photo congo list. I'm currently signed up but would be willing to sign up for other stuff.


I just joined your conga line community and thought I'd swing by your journal to see what's shaking' ... I'll take my chances and add you, hope you do the same back. :) I'm a child of the 70's as well, so I think I can handle offensive or x-rated posts. Oh, and I dig the Counting Crows'ism's ... saw them in concert and fell instantly in love with Adam - **melts** - add me if it pleases you, thanks!! :)

i see you added me for some reason?

do you wanna be added back?

That's up to you.

It's not required.

umm, k. I'll add you.

It's fun bitching around b/c you take it so well.

wanna play again????

I do


262 894 8995

hellooo? i just realized that you've disappeared from my friendslist for months now... you still out there? i miss you!

I'm still here.

I should write something, huh. :P

I've just been neglecting my journal.


I think it will have to be my new year's resolution to write something every day, at least a complete sentence.

After provocation from one of my favorite people, I think I'll go try to update what I've been doing at least.

I see you're on my friends of list... do I know you? :)

Nope. I just added you after I noticed you in my steel_valley community. I thought your writing style was very casual, cynical, fun.

If you don't want me to read, I'll take you off though. :)

No problem at all... I was just curious. :) If you want, I can add you back as a friend and you can read more of it...


duhh this site is soo gay

An add?
Por favor.
Haven't seen you for a while, hope you're doing well.

Sure thing. Good to see you doing well at YSU!

Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!


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