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Baby it's cold outside.
 OK.  I understand that most of what we (we=people, not we=me) do is socially scripted behavior.  But it's cold outside.  It's been down in the Ohs and Belows for a few days, and even though it's warming up, that's all relative when it's 4 or 10 or something outside. 

So what's with people?  They come in.  They stay for a little while.  And then they decide they better get going.  So instead of saying something like, "I've got to get going" or "see you later" and then leaving, they think that it's a better idea to open the door and stand in the open doorway for 5 or 10 minutes.  And then walk out the door, but keep their head inside.  All the while, they're finishing/beginning/continuing a conversation that would otherwise indicate that no, they are not ready to leave. 

And it's not a winter-related thing, either.  In the summer, they do the same thing, but it's not as offensive.  I mean, when they let hot air in, it's a little bit bad, but when they let Jack Frost & Friends come in, I get more than slightly angry. 

Moral:  When I have to put my gloves on to type at my computer, it's too cold to have the door open while you run your mouth.

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*offers sunshine and warmer weather*

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